2014 - Current
Ghost Story Games

Lead Technical Artist

Act as part of a core of 12 Irrational employees to launch a new studio whose goal is to create highly replayable narrative games with a small team size.

Create and maintain gameplay systems scripting (player actions, weapons, gameplay and level design support) using Unreal 4's Blueprint system

Work with designers and creative director to find production-efficient and practical ways to solve problems and challenge players, leveraging our toolset to its maximum potential.

Create and maintain AI and Animation scripting (enemy actions, animation, pacing and behaviors) using Unreal 4's Blueprint and Animation Blueprint systems

Own character and animation pipeline. Work with both internal team members and external contractors to meet AAA quality bar needs, supporting through rigging and tools development where needed.

2011 - 2014
Irrational Games

Lead Technical Animator

Work as part of an interdisciplinary team to create systemic behavior for Elizabeth companion AI, including placed contextual opportunistic animation, emotion system, and additive audio-based animation system

Own animation content features related to Elizabeth character and act as animation point of contact for troubleshooting Elizabeth

Establish and support flexible camera and character cinematics pipeline

Act as part of the narrative team to create and maintain many narrative cutscenes throughout Bioshock: Infinite using Unreal's Kismet scripting system

Lead a team of technical animators to provide support primarily to animation, character, voiceover, and design departments

Establish procedural facial animation pipeline using FaceFX

Handle motion capture data and retargetting for in-game use

Ubisoft Red Storm

Character Lead / Senior Technical Animator

Drive vision, create consistency, and manage production schedules for a team of several character artists

Design character production pipeline and create tools to expedite production process during short production phase

Design character animation pipeline across MotionBuilder and Max

Midway Games

Cinematic Technical Artist

Participate in most phases of 3D pipeline (modelling, texturing, rigging, animating) for pre-rendered and in-game cinematic sequences on a central group supporting all of Midway Games.

Help to establish internal pipelines quickly from project to project, and improve pipelines that already exist

EA Chicago

Technical Artist

Maintained character pipeline for detailed next-gen game

Created MEL-based animation tools for animators

Inherited and improved previous facial rig to improve performance, animator workflow, and iteration time

EA Los Angeles

Technical Animator

Responsible for managing animation pipeline: seeing asset production from content creation to Unreal 3 Engine runtime, writing scripts to expedite animator workflow

Character setup: partially responsible for character rig, fully responsible for all weapons, vehicles, and world object rigging and setup

Help with character animation


Carnegie Mellon University

Masters, Entertainment Technology

University of Pittsburgh

BS, Information Science

Shipped Titles

Bioshock: Infinite Burial At Sea DLC

Bioshock: Infinite

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Mortal Kombat vs DC

Blitz: The League 2

Wheelman starring Vin Diesel

Medal of Honor: Airborne

Primary Skills



Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4