written by: jeremy

Bioshock: Infinite

I had an amazing opportunity to work on a sliver of gaming history by being part of the Bioshock: Infinite team as Lead Technical Animator.  Here is a quick breakdown of my major roles and responsibilities on that project and its DLC packs.  I also was heavily involved in artist/animator tools development using Maxscript in 3DSMax, the procedural facial animation pipeline using FaceFX, and the rigging pipeline.

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Ghost Recon:  Future Soldier

While at Ubisoft Red Storm, I was the lead of the character team responsible for the multiplayer portion of Ghost Recon Future Soldier.  These screenshots are a mix of single player and multiplayer (there was some shared content between the two).

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC

These are some of the characters I worked on for MK vs DC.  I rigged many of the characters in the game but these were some of my favorites.  All of these characters featured unique facial rigs, secondary cloth setup, and helper deformation bone setups.

Blitz:  The League 2

I worked with several artists on these pre-rendered injury animations.  I did rigging for all of the upper body, face, hand, foot, and shoulder injuries and some modeling and animation.  These are still really fun to watch.  I also rigged several of the player characters, cinematic characters, and cheerleaders.

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Medal of Honor:  Airborne

MOHA was my first project in the games industry.  I got to work with some incredibly talented people and I learned a lot during my time there.  These are marketing shots which were used for various magazines and promotional offerings.  I rigged all of these characters and weapons and helped with scene setup, posing, lighting, and rendering for these shots.  These are all in-game models and in-engine screenshots touched up for promotional use.